“Hello, I’d like to make an appointment...for an abortion…” With a few simple, yet heart-wrenching words, a teen girl stands at a crucial point on the edge of a major-life changing decision…when a surprising act of unselfish love by total strangers changes her life, and destiny, forever. Join Myckelle Williams as she discovers through her pain the power of choice, while finding forgiveness, breaking generations of dysfunction, and walking away from destructive cycles that threatened to make her another statistic. Lessons taught along the way enabled her to forge a new path, and change her future, and that of her next generation. “Sometimes, even in the midst of what seems like a horrible situation, and a mistake...God can make sure that you come to know Him, still.” Says Myckelle. With warmth and humor, Myckelle will take you on an emotional journey of hope, healing, and finding love in unexpected places, that include powerful life lessons for the reader with each new chapter. 


I just finished reading "Choosing The Road Less Traveled" I read it in one week, this book had me thinking about some of the choices I needed to make in my life, I have never felt so convicted while reading a book. This book also had me in tears.. I also chose to take the THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED, and in the book Myckelle talks about what happens when we do the unknown, she chose to go a different route,and she allowed God to use her. I was BLESSED by this book, and I recommend this book to everybody.. It will literally CHANGE your LIFE and the way you look at things. Myckelle is a awesome woman of God and a great mentor to me and so many others. May God Bless you!!! - Brittany Turner

The author of this story has written a testimony/biography of her early life, beginning at birth and leading up to about age 20.

Myckelle was born in 1973, in the Los Angeles, California area. Her parents split-up when she was a small child. Her dad was a drug dealer, pimp, and most of his time was spent with people who engaged in the same activities as he did. Myckelle's mother was able to secure a well-paid job that gave her the financial security she wanted, as well as material possessions that meant so much to her. Myckelle was often left on her own. She grew up quickly. Most of her growing up years she lived with her mom, for a brief time she lived with her dad.

When Myckelle was a teenage girl she became involved intimately with her boyfriend. Myckelle was left with serious decisions that would impact her life. She had the freedom to make a choice that would give her freedom (she thought), or she could make a choice that would require faith in its out-come. - Annette